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Our Wedding in Mazatlan 1994

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Over the Christmas holidays in december 1994, Rick and I took Patrick and Jason, our sons, to Mazatlan for a holiday. We also got married there to everyone’s surprise!

On Christmas morning at 11am. Rick and I were married on the beach in Mazatlan by a judge. Patrick and Jason were our witnesses. Hotel guests from all over the world sent us pictures. Patrick and Jason picked my flowers for me, my wedding dress was purchased from a roadside vendor and our rings were bought at a market place. We later purchased wedding bands at home in B.C. There were beautiful fireworks on the beach that night.

It was a wonderful wedding and an exciting holiday.
I will never forget this Christmas!
Our Wedding Dec 25 1994Patrick and Brenda before the WeddingRick and Jason before the WeddingAre you ready to get married?Words of wisdomThe vowsWith this ring, I thee wedI know pronounce you man and wifeWow!  We're married!Signing the RegisterRick after the WeddingJason and Patrick after the WeddingOur Wedding AnnouncementAt Our Wedding Reception in Kelowna

Pets and Other Animals

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Lucky plays with her dragon stuffed animalAshley and Lucky - our kittens in 1995Lucky in a SunbeamFluffy Lucky sleeps on her chairSquirrel in the Flower Box

Lost Lagoon in the 1980’s

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These are some great photos of The Lagoon in Stanley Park before the great real estate boom of the late 1980’s.
Geese in Lost Lagoon 1990Heron in Lost Lagoon in 1992Swan in Lost Lagoon 1990Baby Racoon in Lost Lagoon 1987


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I love the flowers in my garden! Many photos have been enlarged and framed as art for my house, or used as destop savers on the computers. The Prairie Cactus photo was taken in the morning dew right after the sun started shining.

DaisiesLittle Spring FlowersPrairie Cactus in Morning DewSweet Spring MixGerbera Daisies Summer 2007Tow Headed DaisiesDaisies and Lavender in Scotland 19999Candy Cane Dahlias in Spring 2007


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From 1978 to 1993, I sent many hours modelling. My best income years were from 1990 to 1993 when I did newspaper ads and car commercials. This was really fun but was very hard work.

Jeans Spread 199319871995Mother's Day Spread 1988

Audley Family Photos

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Patrick was born into the Audley family on July 29, 1977. Bruce is his Dad and his paternal grandparents were George and Katherine Audley were are unfortunately, both deceased.

Bruce, Patrick and GeorgeGrampa George and Patrick in 1978Bruce AudleyGeorge 1978Christmas 1981Bruce at Sunshine January 1972Bruce in Patrick's bedroom 1978Patrick and his Daddy in the kitchenBruce and Brenda Audley Highlands Reunion 1976Bruce and Patrick Christmas 1981Patrick and Bruce PortraitPatrick and Bruce 1981Patrick as an Elephant with BruceMom and Patrick talk with Grampa Bruce and Patrick Christmas 1985 Beavers 1982 Bruce and PatrickThe Audleys 1977Dan Meier 1989Bob Cathers - Patrick's Godfather<Audley_Family_recipes.jpgBruce, George and David AudleyThe Audleys in 1969Pretty Furry
Patrick and Kathy announced their engagement at The Grizzley House in Banff on July 29, 2007. It was also Patrick’s 30th birthday and my 57th birthday. We share the same birthday. Bruce and Jill and Rick and I celebrated with Patrick and Kathy.
Bruce and Brenda, proud parents, hug PatrickPatrick and Kathy at the RimrockBruce and Brenda married on July 4, 1970. Bruce and Brenda marry July 4, 1970Gramma Audley and Patrick 1978Patrick's Birth AnnouncementGeorge and Katherine Audley 1968

Patrick Audley

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Patrick, my son, was born on my 27th birthday – July 29th, 1977. He is a wonderful and caring son. Patrick is a computer genius and has a photographic memory. In his early years, we recognized that he was “brillant” and could absorb anything at any time. Throughout his life, he has brough me much happiness. I am in awe of his intelligence and very proud to be his mother and his friend.

News: Patrick and Kathy announced their engagement at our birthday party in Banff on July29th this year. Patrick is now 30; I am now 57.

Patrick and Kathy Are Engaged!

Baby Pictures and Childhood Photos
2 months old9 months and walking1st Christmas with Grampa nad Aunti Rin1st Christmas with Aunti RinPatrick and me (his mom) 1978with Dad Bruce in 1978Beavers 1982 with Dad BruceChristmas 1979In His RoomI am the King 1978Driving Car in 1978with Samwith Kirsten Olsen in 1981Lego KingBeaver GuyFirst Day of KindergartenCowboy KidMaui 1982Modeling for The Bay 1983Christmas with Mom 1985Mother's Day Brunch at the Four Seasons 1983with Dad Bruce as an Elephantwith Gramma 1979On the Chair at Sunshine VillageIn the Dining Room 1985 with Dad's Jewellery Line1st Limo Ride 1987Patrick and Grampa Bayrack 1984

Teen Years
In Stanley ParkIn Whistler with Mom 1993Receiving Provincial Math AwardGetting an Award 1991At English BayChristmas at Whistler Christmas in BanffChristmas in Whistler 1993 with MomAt 1316th Birthday

Recent Photos – see also various holidays, Kathy, Audley and Bayrack Photo Sections
With John at Earthquake Preparedness Training in 2007Patrick and Kathy in Vancouver May 2007Patrick and Jodi at her wedding July 24, 1993Patrick's Birth AnnouncementGramma Audley and Patrick 1978_1.jpgPatrick Gets New Parts February 2008Group Picture from the Office March 2008

Patrick was on the Klondike Days Poster in 1985. This poster was circulated worldwide to promote Klondike.

Klondike Poster 1985

Patrick and Grampa Stan Bayrack

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Patrick and my Dad, Stan Bayrack, were pals. Though there were many generations apart, Patrick and Dad communicated on a special level. They both liked to talk about “how things work.” Dad told Patrick things about the War that he never mentioned to anyone, ever.

Patrick in Grampa's WWII uniformPatrick and Grampa Bayrack

Kuchmak Family

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Rindy, my sister, married Jim Kuchmak in 1969. She and Jim live in Kelowna with Twinkles, their cat. Jodi and Jerry are their kids. Jodie is married to Ritchie Rohlke and have 2 daughters, Caitlin and Robyn. Jerry was married to Tammy and had a son, Daniel. Sadly, Jerry passed away in 2005.

Rin and Jim in summer 2006Twinkles KuchmakRin marries Jim in 1969Jodie Kuchmak with Patrick at her weddingDaniel Kuchmak 1986Jerry KuchmakRiJim and Rin at Jodi's wedding July 24, 1993
Rin and Jim celebrate their 40th Anniversary February 10 2008.
Rin and Jim open cardsRin and Jim share a laugh
Anniversary Kiss


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Life is nothing without friends and family. I was introduced to my husband Rick May by Jan Savage, his cousin. The rest is history. Vi Cave started my bingo career in Richmond. Kim Bennett and her mom and dad, Roy and Joan, are exceptionally interesting people to talk with.

Jan Savage and me at a dinner party in 1993Vern and Vi Cave 2004Kim, Roy and Joan Bennett 2000Joan and Roy Bennett in 2004Brenda May and Jan Savage in May 1994