Kuchmak Family

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Rindy, my sister, married Jim Kuchmak in 1969. She and Jim live in Kelowna with Twinkles, their cat. Jodi and Jerry are their kids. Jodie is married to Ritchie Rohlke and have 2 daughters, Caitlin and Robyn. Jerry was married to Tammy and had a son, Daniel. Sadly, Jerry passed away in 2005.

Rin and Jim in summer 2006Twinkles KuchmakRin marries Jim in 1969Jodie Kuchmak with Patrick at her weddingDaniel Kuchmak 1986Jerry KuchmakRiJim and Rin at Jodi's wedding July 24, 1993
Rin and Jim celebrate their 40th Anniversary February 10 2008.
Rin and Jim open cardsRin and Jim share a laugh
Anniversary Kiss

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  1. Daniel Kuchmak

    They look so happy miss everyone

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