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Mom and Dad were the best parents – I miss them every day but they are always alive in my heart. They were a wonderful couple, playing crib, driving across the province for lunch, playing bingo and just looking after the family.

Rindy and I were born 11 months apart. We grew up with both Baba, Sonia Bayrack, and Granny, Pearl Fedoruk, watching our every move. In those days, we all lived next door to each other.

Rindy married Jim Kuchmak and had two children – Jodi and Jerry. I married Bruce Audley and had one child, Patrick.

Dad’s brother, William Bayrack, married Ollie and they had one son, Bill Bayrack Jr.

On Christmas Day, 1994, I married Rick May. In July 1995, Rick and I took Mom and Dad dancing at Harrison Hot Springs. To my knowledge, it was the last time they were physically well enough to go dancing. Mom and Dad were wonderful old-time ballroom dancers – it was like watching one person dancing, not two.

Mom and Dad in their Garden 1998Mom and Dad Married October 16, 1945Rin and Brenda Bayrack 3 and 4 years oldRin marries Jim Kuchmak in 1969Brenda and Rindy 4 and 5 years old Bill and Ollie Bayrack 1999Billy Bayrack 1965Mom and Dad Bayrack and their new car 1998Stan Bayrack Edmonton Transit System 1950 to 1985Rin_1949.jpgIn the Copper Room at Harrison Hot Springs in 1995Mom and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary in 1995Dad 1984Brenda and Baba Sonia Bayrack in 1984Dad Stan Bayrack the Grand Puba of the ElksHarrison Hot Springs July 1995Mom & Dad and Rick & Brenda at Harrison Hot Springs July 1995Mom & Dad dancing at Harrison Hot Springs July 1995ncing_at_Hrrison_Hot_Springs_.jpgMom & Dad in their GardenBaba Sonia BayrackGuido May 1975GGuido, Baba and Dad building the cottage 1955BrBrenda, Mom and Rindy 1993Billy Fedoruk, Rindy_Bayrack, Jan Fedoruk and Brenda Bayrack in 1954Nellie The Bingo Queen Wins the BonanzaBrenda at her Grad 1967 with Brian Merriweather