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Patrick was born into the Audley family on July 29, 1977. Bruce is his Dad and his paternal grandparents were George and Katherine Audley were are unfortunately, both deceased.

Bruce, Patrick and GeorgeGrampa George and Patrick in 1978Bruce AudleyGeorge 1978Christmas 1981Bruce at Sunshine January 1972Bruce in Patrick's bedroom 1978Patrick and his Daddy in the kitchenBruce and Brenda Audley Highlands Reunion 1976Bruce and Patrick Christmas 1981Patrick and Bruce PortraitPatrick and Bruce 1981Patrick as an Elephant with BruceMom and Patrick talk with Grampa Bruce and Patrick Christmas 1985 Beavers 1982 Bruce and PatrickThe Audleys 1977Dan Meier 1989Bob Cathers - Patrick's Godfather<Audley_Family_recipes.jpgBruce, George and David AudleyThe Audleys in 1969Pretty Furry
Patrick and Kathy announced their engagement at The Grizzley House in Banff on July 29, 2007. It was also Patrick’s 30th birthday and my 57th birthday. We share the same birthday. Bruce and Jill and Rick and I celebrated with Patrick and Kathy.
Bruce and Brenda, proud parents, hug PatrickPatrick and Kathy at the RimrockBruce and Brenda married on July 4, 1970. Bruce and Brenda marry July 4, 1970Gramma Audley and Patrick 1978Patrick's Birth AnnouncementGeorge and Katherine Audley 1968