I had a very wonderful childhood with happy happily married parents (Nellie Fedoruk and Stanley Bayrack) who provided lots of fun, love and hugs for my sister (Rindy) and I. Patrick was born to Bruce Audley and I on my 27th birthday. Yes! We share the same birthday!

16 Years later, we divorced and after 11 years of a mostly fun single life, I married again – this time in 1994. Rick May and I were married on Christmas Day in Mazatlan, Mexico. Patrick and Jason, Rick’s son, were our witnesses. Rick and I now share 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

Really, my family is number 1 in my life. Sadly, Mom passed away in 2000 and Dad followed in 2003. They remain in my heart forever.

I am also called the “Bingo Queen” just like my mother. I enjoy the social aspects of the game and I love to win!

I live in a sunny oceanside home with tremendous sunrises and sunsets. I love the peace and sereenity of my home.