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Photos from Our Front Deck

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Over the years, I have been amazed at the everchanging view from our ocean front dek. I have added a few beautiful pictures that I have taken. I hope you enjoy then as much as I do!

Cruising the Caribbean October 21-30, 2007

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This is my first cruise! Rick and I and Patrick and Kathy are on our way to the Caribbean where the weather is hot! hot! hot! New camera, new clothes, lots of $$$, life is good! We sailed from Ft. Lauderdale about the Carnival Miracle. Our cabin had a balcony – the only way to […]

Great Scenes

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I have always enjoyed taking pictures. We live in a beautiful townhouse on the Dyke in Steveston, B.C. The ocean is just across the front deck. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, birds chirping hello to the morning and the amazing sound and view as huge ships travel across our view. This is the most peaceful house […]

Rick and Brenda May

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Rick and I met at a real barn dance on May 6, 1994. We saw each other across the room while line dancing. Rick’s cousin Jan invited me to the barn dance and the rest is history! Our courtship was whirlwind and we married in Mazatlan, Mexico on December 25th, 1994. This is the 13th […]

Patrick & Kathy Engaged and Patrick 30. Brenda 57

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Patrick and I were born on the same day! On July 29, 2007, Patrick turned 30 and I turned 57. We had a great dinner at The Grizzlay House in Banff. We all stayed at the beautiful and luxurious Rimrock Hotel. At the dinner, Patrick and Kathy announced their engagement! As a mother, I am […]

Christmas 2006

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Christmas in Richmond with Rick and Brenda May, Patrick Audley and Kathy Chernipeski, and Dennis Mirva.

Puerto Vallarta 2006

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In October 2006, Rick, Patrick and I vacationed in Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at a beautiful spa called Villa Premiere. The Villa has only 64 rooms and each suite is spectacular! The view is incredible. I have never stayed in Mexico in such a glorious hotel. Around the pool and on the private beach, are […]

Meeting Kathy, Patrick’s steady girlfriend, in 2006

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Patrick brought Kathy to meet Rick and I in the summer of 2006. We had lunch at the golf course, Mayfair Lakes, and the sat out on the deck at home in the sun. She is a really sweet girl and beautiful young lady. And – Kathy has a very unique laugh!

Kootenays 2006

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n the summer of 2006, Rick and I flew to the Kootenays in southern BC. Many “hippies” of the 1960’s lived here. The ferries are quaint and we even found a brothel in an old ghost town. Harry Potter brooms are made just outside of Nelson.

Christmas 2005

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