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Puerto Vallarta 2006

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In October 2006, Rick, Patrick and I vacationed in Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at a beautiful spa called Villa Premiere. The Villa has only 64 rooms and each suite is spectacular! The view is incredible. I have never stayed in Mexico in such a glorious hotel. Around the pool and on the private beach, are white cabanas. Each cabana holds a double bed that sways gently in the breeze – white curtains can be pulled around the bed for privacy. Service was great although we generally dined outside the hotel. So may restaurants to choose from…. We toured a tequila factory and brought home some very old and smooth varieties of the drink. All in all, it was a truly perfect holiday!

Rick_Brenda_and_Patrick_in_Puerto_Vallarta_2006Bed ElephantsPatrick at the Tequila FactoryRick at the Tequila FactoryView from our Deck