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Lucky, Our Black Kitty, Goes to Kitty Heaven

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Lucky, my little black kitty, passed away on June 3, 2009. She was my baby, my friend, and my companion.

Lucky joined my family in November 1993, along with her sister, Ashley. The next year, I took Lucky and Ashley to the vet to be spade and you guessed it! Both of the girls were pregnant! Lucky waited until I got home to have her kittens then constantly carried them to my bedroom – she was just not the mothering kind! I carried them back several times and finally, Ashley took over the kittens – her 3 and Lucky’s 3.

Over the years, Lucky shared my joys, my sorrows and was always beside me at home. When I turned on the fireplace in the winter, I would “Where is it Lucky” and she would run to the fireplace and stare into the fire. If I laid on the rug by the fireplace, Lucky would flop down and nudge me so she could snuggle up and be warm. Every morning, she would be by my pillow and would gently run her paw across my cheek to wake me up.

When Lucky was a kitten, I taught her to fetch a little orange ear bud – I would throw it and she would bring it back – just like a dog! Lucky and Ashley generally got along well but every once in awhile, she would walk by Ashley and smack her then just keep on going to her favorite chair. Ashley and Lucky also did the “sit up on the haunches and box” thing at least once a week. Lucky loved blueberries, real cream, and roast turkey the best. She just ate delicate little bits, always a lady. Lucky dragged her big green stuffed dinosaur around the house and slept with “Dino” every night.

This last year, Lucky seemed to be getting slower and slept more. Finally, on June 3rd, she had a massive heart failure and passed gently into kitty heaven with us by her side. A friend of mine sent me a lovely story about “The Rainbow Bridge” – where we all meet each other in heaven when we die. I cannot begin to say how much I miss my little Lucky bear, her little paw prints will remain on my heart forever.