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Patrick & Kathy Engaged and Patrick 30. Brenda 57

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Patrick and Kathy announce their engegamentPatrick and I were born on the same day! On July 29, 2007, Patrick turned 30 and I turned 57. We had a great dinner at The Grizzlay House in Banff. We all stayed at the beautiful and luxurious Rimrock Hotel. At the dinner, Patrick and Kathy announced their engagement! As a mother, I am thrilled- I know that Patrick is very happy. As a future mother-in-law, I thnk that Kathy will be a great daughter-in law. >Bruce, Patrick and BrendaLovebirds Patrick and Kathy<Rick and Brenda

Meeting Kathy, Patrick’s steady girlfriend, in 2006

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Patrick brought Kathy to meet Rick and I in the summer of 2006. We had lunch at the golf course, Mayfair Lakes, and the sat out on the deck at home in the sun. She is a really sweet girl and beautiful young lady. And – Kathy has a very unique laugh!

Kathy and Patrick at Mayfair Lakes - summer 2006Kathy in a sunbeamPatrick and Brenda at Mayfair Lakes for lunch

Patrick Audley

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Patrick, my son, was born on my 27th birthday – July 29th, 1977. He is a wonderful and caring son. Patrick is a computer genius and has a photographic memory. In his early years, we recognized that he was “brillant” and could absorb anything at any time. Throughout his life, he has brough me much happiness. I am in awe of his intelligence and very proud to be his mother and his friend.

News: Patrick and Kathy announced their engagement at our birthday party in Banff on July29th this year. Patrick is now 30; I am now 57.

Patrick and Kathy Are Engaged!

Baby Pictures and Childhood Photos
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Teen Years
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Patrick was on the Klondike Days Poster in 1985. This poster was circulated worldwide to promote Klondike.

Klondike Poster 1985

Patrick and Grampa Stan Bayrack

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Patrick and my Dad, Stan Bayrack, were pals. Though there were many generations apart, Patrick and Dad communicated on a special level. They both liked to talk about “how things work.” Dad told Patrick things about the War that he never mentioned to anyone, ever.

Patrick in Grampa's WWII uniformPatrick and Grampa Bayrack