Cuba 2004

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Rick, Buck May, Patrick, Patrick’s friend Danielle, and I went to Cuba for a holiday in 2004. It was Rick’s 60th Birthday Party holiday.

Danielle dancing at Rick's 60th Birthday PartyPatrick and Danielle at Rick's Party in VaraderoThe Beach at our HotelPatrick in HavanaBrenda in old church in HavanaBuck May in Old HavanaCastro Poster in HavanaChe GuevaraCuba Rum Factory TrainHavana CemetaryHotel Seville in HavanaMother and 2 Children in Old HavanaNew HavanaOld Woman with cigar and dog in Old HavanaPatrick and Danielle in the cavesPoster of Pavarotti in Cigar Store in Old HavanaRick and Brenda at Rick's birthday dinnerin VaraderoRick and Buck in old church in Old HavanaSinging Dog in Old HavanaPatrick and the Dolphins Cuba

You can also see my son’s photos of the same trip.

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  1. Patrick Audley

    I think this qualifies as one of my favourite family vacations ever. Danielle and I managed to get some spectacular adventures in and we all still spent enough time together that it was still a family vacation even though we’re all older now. Thanks for a great time, your son, Patrick.

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